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Avani Ayurveda Private Limited


Mr. Dinesh Patel (Director)

The importance of Ayurveda and use of herbal products is highly appreciated when it comes to healthy living. Moreover, the recent pandemics has brought us back to the understanding of values of traditional Indian Medicine System.

Since contemporary periods human beings have destroyed the delicate balance of healthy body and mind. And we have come to a time that not only India but the world has started valuing the need for a healthy life which is free of harmful chemicals. Ayurveda is a lifestyle miracle that not only helps to attain balanced health and peace but also imparts us diverse natural habits to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Mr. Dheeraj Dubey (Director)

Ayurveda, which has been the essence of health in Indian culture, literally means the scientific way of a healthy and long life. It dates back to 5000 years old system of Indian Medicine. Ayurveda aims at providing and maintaining the balance of body and Mind by treating the diseases caused due to imbalance in three different Doshas (Vata, Pitta & Kapha).

Avani Ayurveda was founded with the vision to bring back the authentic ayurvedic essence to our lives with herbal based products curated with utmost accuracy and purity. Our aim is to promote the concept of Ayurveda at the global level. We make sure that our brand is built as the standard with the help of wide experience and research. The chemical filled world needs to understand the importance of going back to the roots and adapt to Ayurveda as the way to live.

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